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Company Profile

Who we are?


Zhejiang FRSI Electric Technology Co.,Ltd. is a leading company in the electrical fuse and switch industry. We focus on designing, manufacturing and selling electrical fuse and fuse-switch-disconnector. We also provide fuse protection solutions for our clients.


What we bring to clients and society?


We create values for our clients, and bring fresh energy to the industry. We are proud to be recognized by markets, and believe that the spirit of engineering and craftsman will lead us to a further success.


We promote development for the industry. We always propose more corporation and finally achieve an all-win result. Thus, we actively participate in most of the industrial activities, to contribute our efforts.


We insist the sustainable development to society. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are trying our best to eliminate the pollution during the production, and provide products which are environment-friendly to our clients.


We provide an impartial platform for our employees. We are more concerned on the personality of our employees, and encourage them to be more innovative and effective. Employees are evaluated and promoted by their contribution to the company, such as innovation, concentration and professionality.


We, FRSI, will always look forward to the corporation with you!